Scrape, basically, what NOT to do with a zephyr

So, what your looking at here is a zephyr built by terry cook. Better know as "scrape" Terry is the old editor emaritus for hot rod magazine.
Some years ago, terry took it upon himself to build a kustom like no other. Well, he succeded to some extent.
He also managed to do some of the WORST things you could do to a traditional car. With out even going into the fact that he installed neon back lighting to the headliner, the car sits on HYDROS.....yeah, you read that right, hydros. Moreover, the cars sports an import cars rear window for its windshield. Furthermore, the car sits on a chevy impala wagon frame that was narrowed. After touring the show car circuit the car was retired. Eventually it wound up getting "bucked" and having molds pulled off it for fiberglass repops. Not long after that "deco rides" was born. Terrys company that markets the cars.
The bottom line is though, as good as the car looks at a quick glance it just dosent stand up to close
scrutiny. For street rodders or the uninitiated, I suppose it could be something to make you stop and stare.
For us however, it does in fact make us stare, but for a much different and more disturbing reason.
Whatever DER FUEHRER will be someday, it WONT EVER be anything like this.
Hopefully, one day, I get these two cars together for a picture. That is of course after I manage to stop laughing at "scrape"

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