More work on the first of the fenders. According to Diablos drawing, the bumper bracket hole has to be
closed off, and it turns out that this fender at that spot is all torn, and bent in the wrong direction.
so, welding is going to be neccessary.
First thing to do is to cut a template of the hole that needs to be filled by the 20 ga. cold rolled steel.
So the black construction paper works well for that. (see pix) -
After transfering the shape from paper to the steel, its time to weld. Welding in the filler piece and first drill stopping and then weld repairing the tears is important as ALL the body work on this car is going to be simply the best I can do. I have to keep reminding myself that this inst some quickie ebay bullet that Im going to flip to get money to support my sudanese pigmy monkey porn habbit. In anyevent, with all the metal work done, its time for some fiberglass kitty hair, then onto the skimcoat of filler.
So much for today....

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